Amsterdam, October 16th, 2014 – Argonne National Laboratory purchases Avantium’s catalyst testing platform unit for various catalytic applications.

The unit has been designed to significantly enhance the R&D output for various catalytic applications. Argonne scientists are currently working on a wide range of energy-related projects for converting biomass to biofuels and natural gas to liquid transportation fuels for various DOE programs. Argonne plans to use Avantium’s Flowrence Technology in connection with this research. The flexible unit design allows testing within a wide range of process conditions under demanding circumstances such as very small catalyst amounts or temperatures up to 900°C. The new testing platform will be part of Argonne’s growing program in high-throughput experimental research which is housed in the new Energy Sciences Building located on its Lemont campus just outside of Chicago, Illinois. With this milestone, Avantium further expands its collaboration with national laboratories in the USA.

“We are very proud that Argonne National Laboratory decided to work with Avantium”, says Tom van Aken, CEO of Avantium. “Argonne is known as an excellent research institute that has produced several Nobel Prize winners. It again shows that our unique offering of leading technology, combined with in depth understanding of the application, brings great value to renowned companies and institutes like Argonne. We are keen to see the first publications that will underline the power of using our equipment”.

Flowrence Technology®

Avantium’s Flowrence technology is suitable for high-quality testing of whole extrudates and sieve fractions of catalysts. The Flowrence Technology can be used for a broad range of industrial applications that operate in gas, vapor and trickle phases. The parallel reactor system combines the reproducibility and accuracy of larger scale reactors with the advantages of small-scale reactors like intrinsic safety, low costs per experiment and faster time to market. This technology has proven to be leading for refinery-, chemical-, Fisher-Tropsch-, syngas-, green chemistry- and many other applications. Broad knowledge of these applications at Avantium, combined with the Flowrence technology is a powerful cost-efficient method of testing catalysts and a faster way to bring new products to market.

About Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne National Laboratory is a research facility operated by UChicago Argonne, LLC for the U.S. Department of Energy. Argonne is a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center, where world-class researchers work alongside experts from industry, academia and other government laboratories to address vital national challenges in clean energy, environment, technology and national security. A center for world-class discovery and scientific excellence, Argonne’s diverse and dynamic research agenda spans 15 scientific divisions, 14 centers, and six national user facilities. This rich scientific environment provides Argonne’s researchers – and those come from all corners of the globe – with an extraordinary range of cutting-edge facilities and scientific tools that support in-depth research, drive technological breakthroughs, and improve our nation’s competitiveness and quality of life.

About Avantium

Avantium is a leading technology company specialized in the area of advanced catalytic research, with groundbreaking innovation as primary goal. The company does this through two distinct propositions: Catalysis and YXY. It is its mission to make customers successful by providing smart and fast solutions, based on its unique technology, knowledge and expertise. Avantium’s business unit Catalysis offers solutions ranging from sophisticated R&D systems and services to fully integrated long-term collaborative partnerships. Over the last 15 years Avantium (co)invented multiple new catalysts, new chemical processes and realized significant cost savings allowing the customers to achieve their business objectives much faster than previously possible. Avantium has built up a global customer base for its successful R&D services and systems offering, including market leaders such as BP, Shell, IFPEN, Sinopec and CRI. The Flowrence technology is also widely deployed in the non-for-profit sector like the University of Capetown, Utrecht university, CSIRO, Lille University, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories and now Argonne National Laboratory. Avantium offices and headquarters are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For more information, visit our website at

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