Amsterdam, January 12th, 2015 – Avantium announces today the successful sale of its crystallization systems business to the Technobis Group. Technobis, Avantium’s long time engineering, development and assembly partner, will become the new owner ensuring continued execution of the business unit’s strategy. This strategy is focused on making researchers all over the world more successful by providing innovative technology solutions for crystallization R&D. The product portfolio contains the Crystal16™, Crystalline and CrystalBreeder, which are the most used tools for enhanced crystallization and solubility research, in particular for the development of novel pharmaceuticals.

The combination of the leading crystallization technology platform with the world class capabilities of Technobis in optical, electrical and mechanical engineering will further boost market driven innovations. In addition to the experienced team new scientific staff with many years hands on experience in crystallization research will strengthen the group.

Tom van Aken, CEO Avantium: “We are excited about the sale of our Crystallization systems business to Technobis. This transaction completes the transition of Avantium to focus on its catalysis and renewable chemicals activities. Since 2005, we have successfully developed platforms for accelerating crystallization research and installed these in nearly every pharmaceutical research lab in the world. With more than 300 units in the field, a significant contribution has been made to the accelerated development of new and better pharmaceutical products. We have recently developed new applications in new markets, such as agrochemical, fine chemical, military and fuel research, where the potential value of crystallization research is growing fast.”

Pim Kat, CEO Technobis Group: Avantium crystallization system is a tremendous team that we are excited to welcome into the Technobis family. Here at Technobis, providing front-end technologies for R&D solutions is one of the largest growth opportunities, and Avantium Crystallization Systems is a terrific, strategic and financially compelling fit for our business. This acquisition will accelerate the growth of both companies, the synergy between and innovative character of the business units will strengthen the Technobis group.

About Technobis

Technobis is a group of companies providing development and supply of high-tech instruments and modules for companies worldwide. Our strategy is based on front-end technology development. Technobis group provides total customer satisfaction by offering custom solutions, advanced technologies and quality in design, manufacture, services and support. Technobis offices and headquarters are based in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. For more information, visit our websites at and

About Avantium

Avantium is a leading technology company specialized in the area of advanced catalytic research and renewable chemistry. The company does this through two distinct propositions: Catalysis and YXY. It is its mission to make customers successful by providing smart and fast solutions, based on its unique technology, knowledge and expertise. Avantium’s business unit Catalysis offers solutions ranging from sophisticated R&D systems and services to fully integrated long-term collaborative partnerships. Over the last 15 years Avantium (co)invented multiple new catalysts, new chemical processes and realized significant cost savings allowing the customers to achieve their business objectives much faster than previously possible. Avantium also develops and commercializes YXY – the brand name for its cost competitive technology platform to catalytically convert plant based materials into biobased chemicals and bioplastics like PEF. PEF is a novel 100% biobased polyester with enhanced barrier, thermal and mechanical properties over existing packaging materials. These properties enable new packaging innovations to make lighter, thinner, smaller and stronger bottles, to extend product shelf life and to provide supply chain benefits. Combined with the 50-70% reduction in carbon footprint, PEF fulfils key criteria to become the next generation biobased plastic for bottles, film and fibers. Avantium offices and headquarters are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For more information, visit our website at

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