ELectrochemical COnversion of REnewable ELectricity into Fuels and Chemicals 


ELCOREL is a H2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie Innovative Training Network (MSCA-ITN) that focuses on the scientific and technological aspects of the storage of renewable electricity into fuels and chemicals.

Avantium takes part in the ELCOREL consortium together with five academic and one industrial partner to train young researchers in all scientific and technological aspects of the conversion of renewable electricity into fuels and chemicals. ELCOREL wants to contribute to the foundation of a new generation of electrochemical researchers ready to deal with the academic and industrial challenges of securing Europe’s future energy and feedstock independence.


The 14 ELCOREL PhD-students focus on (i) developing rational catalyst design principles for the electrochemical oxidation of water and the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide based on the principles of quantum chemistry and large-scale quantum-chemical calculations, (ii) preparing, synthesizing, characterizing and testing model single-crystalline and nanoparticulate catalysts, and (iii) implementing high surface area catalysts in large-scale electrolysers at industrial laboratories.


Grant Agreement No. 722614


PhD students:

Matthew Philips

Matthew Philips

Davide Pavesi

Davide Pavesi

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