Oxalic acid from CO2 using Electrochemistry At demonstration scale


The H2020 SPIRE project OCEAN focuses on the development of an electrochemical CO2-conversion demonstrator at the site of industrial electricity provider RWE. OCEAN aims to convert CO2 to a range of high-value C2-chemicals under real industrial boundary conditions at TRL6. Together with partners, Avantium focuses on the development and upscaling of several CO2 conversion routes and the design and assembly of pre-pilot scale units.


OCEAN addresses the critical elements that are currently hindering new electrochemical processes by:

  1. Targeting high value products that have the corresponding production margin to introduce this technology on the market
  2. Lower the power costs by combining oxidation and reduction reactions (paired electrolysis), and
  3. A trans-disciplinary approach that is needed for the introduction of these advanced technologies


Grant Agreement No. 767798


Arnaud Mol

Arnaud Mol

Avantium lead

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