Sun-driven Chemistry


The SunCoChem project takes an important step in the transition from fossil carbon feedstocks to renewable carbon sources. 

Within SunCoChem, Avantium works together with a strong international consortium comprised of universities, technology developers and end-users. SunCoChem is focused on the development of a cutting-edge competitive tandem photoelectrocatalytic reactor (TPER). Renewable energy (sunlight) and a renewable feedstock (CO2) are combined to create products and materials using multifunctional photo-electrocatalysts.


SunCoChem has a strong emphasis on industrial applicability. The modular TPER-concept focuses on creating a compact and small system with simplified maintenance that can be integrated in different factory environments at various size scales and productivity targets. The TPER will be validated by converting anthropogenic CO2 emissions in an industrial environment at the production facility of IFF.

Avantium will take the lead on the development of the CO2 to glycolic acid-route, which will involve feedstock analysis, process analysis, techno-economic analysis, product validation, benchmarking and product application.


Grant Agreement No. 862192


Bart van den Bosch

Bart van den Bosch

Avantium lead

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