Business units

Avantium consists of three business units: Renewable Polymers, Renewable Chemistries and R&D Solutions. All united by one goal – to provide innovative solutions for consumer driven renewable trends of plastic waste and CO2 reduction


Renewable Polymers

Avantium Renewable Polymers develops and aims to commercialize FDCA (furandicarboxylic acid). Our YXY® plants-to-plastics technology catalytically converts plant-based sugars into FDCA – the chemical building block for PEF (polyethylene furanoate) – a novel, first-in-class plant-based polyester. PEF is a 100% plant-based, 100% recyclable and degradable plastic with superior performance properties compared to today’s widely used petroleum-based packaging materials.

Renewable Chemistries

Avantium Renewable Chemistries develops innovative plant-based chemicals and materials from non-food resources. Our lead product is plant-MEG (mono-ethylene glycol), a sustainable and cost-effective plant-based alternative for fossil-MEG, made by our RAY™ plants-to-glycols technology.

Plant-MEG has a huge potential to help carbon-dependent industries such as textiles, packaging, furniture, and automotive, accelerate their transition to a fossil free world.

R&D Solutions

Avantium R&D Solutions specializes in innovations and technologies to accelerate catalytic R&D. We support companies in reaching their sustainability, profitability and growth targets by providing unique technology and catalysis research expertise.

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