Our company

Avantium is a pioneer in the emerging industry of renewable and sustainable chemistry. Avantium is headquartered in Amsterdam, employing approximately 200 people, with extensive R&D laboratories and three pilot plants in Geleen and Delfzijl, the Netherlands. We are an innovation-driven company dedicated to developing and commercializing breakthrough technologies for the production of chemicals from renewable sources and circular plastic materials used for a variety of consumer products. Our lead product is PEF, a novel, plant-based and recyclable plastic material with a powerful combination of environmental and performance features. PEF has huge potential in the packaging, textiles and film sectors, growing markets worth over $200 billion.  

Our vision

We believe in a fossil-free world. Let’s go!

Consumers and governments across the globe are putting increasing pressure on brands, retailers and the chemical industry to reduce their carbon footprints and embrace the circular economy. Avantium offers unique technological solutions to address the global need to reduce plastic waste, tackle climate change and transition into a circular, sustainable biobased economy. Our goal is to make economically competitive and scalable chemicals and materials that are produced based on renewable feedstocks, fully recyclable, with a significantly lower carbon footprint, and with superior performance to the petroleum-based alternatives.

Our strategy

Create Disruptive Technologies

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Renewable and Circular Products

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