Avantium is an innovation-driven chemical technology company, producing chemicals from renewable sources for a wide range of consumer goods. We offer unique technological solutions to address the global need to reduce plastic waste, tackle climate change and transition into a circular, sustainable biobased economy. Our goal is to make economically competitive and scalable chemicals and materials that are produced based on renewable feedstocks, fully recyclable, with a significant lower carbon foortprint, and with superior performance compared to petroleum-based alternatives.

Avantium shares are listed on Euronext Amsterdam and Euronext Brussels (symbol: AVTX). Our offices and headquarters are in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Share price

Share price

Share capital

Shares outstanding      79,675,789 as of 15 March 2024

Quantity notation         Number of units

Trading currency           EUR

Ticker                              AVTX

More information:         visit Euronext

Analyst coverage

Sell-side analysts who regularly publish equity research on Avantium.

Dividend policy

Avantium has not paid any dividends since incorporation and does not expect to pay dividends in the foreseeable future. All of the shares issued and outstanding on the day after the day of settlement of the Offering, including the Offer Shares, will rank equally and will be eligible for any profit or other payment that may be declared on the shares. It is intended that the payment of dividends in cash, if declared, will be made in Euro (€).

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Do you have any questions about investing in Avantium or about our shares in general? We are here to answer you and share insight into investment opportunities. Please contact:

+31 (0)20 5860110

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