Amsterdam, 14 May 2018 – Avantium has delivered a Flowrence XR high throughput catalyst testing system to Nippon Ketjen Co Ltd – the first such unit  in Japan.

Nippon Ketjen, a joint venture of Albemarle Corporation and Sumitomo Metal Mining Co Ltd, is a leading company in the development, production and sale of hydroprocessing catalysts. Nippon Ketjen plans to use Avantium’s Flowrence to accelerate catalyst research and optimize processes.

Nippon Ketjen chose Avantium’s Flowrence XR unit for its accuracy, reliability and ease of use. To obtain the required Japanese safety certifications, the Flowrence XR test unit was designed to withstand reactor pressures up to 500 bar. The unit is equipped with Avantium’s patented Active Liquid Distribution, enabling it to accurately discriminate small differences in catalyst performance. The new testing platform will be part of a pilot testing facility in Niihama, Japan.

“Nippon Ketjen is an excellent catalyst company that has developed several catalysts and processes used worldwide, so we are proud they decided to work with Avantium,” said Steven Olivier, managing director of Avantium Catalysis. “This underlines the great value that our unique offering of leading technology, combined with in-depth understanding of the application, brings to renowned companies such as Nippon Ketjen.”

About Flowrence

Avantium’s Flowrence Technology® is an advanced high-throughput platform for high-quality testing of catalysts. The Flowrence Technology® can be used for a broad range of industrial applications that operate in gas, vapor or trickle phases. The parallel-reactor system combines the reproducibility of larger-scale reactors with the advantages of small-scale reactors such as intrinsic safety, high accuracy, low costs per experiment and, ultimately, faster time-to-market. The Flowrence Technology® is leading for refinery, green chemistry and many other applications. The combination of Avantium’s broad knowledge of applications and the Flowrence Technology® creates a powerful, cost-efficient method of testing catalysts and a faster way to bring new products to market.

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