Avantium successfully performed comprehensive comparative catalyst testing of C5/C6 isomerization catalysts for a major US refining company. The program focused on evaluating the performance of two commercially available chlorinated alumina catalysts across a broad range of different process conditions, including a dedicated complete deactivation run.

Reforming, Isom and Aromatics Technology Director: ” I was very pleased with Avantium’s  catalyst testing results. Avantium‘s technical expertise is excellent, and their communication and  flexibility were superb. It was a pleasure working with everyone at Avantium. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Avantium’s EasyLoad® reactor loading technology and tailored workflows allow for a rapid catalyst exchange, avoiding contamination by moisture and oxygen – our unit design intrinsically enables to testing highly sensitive catalysts and chemistries effectively and safely.  The methods applied and the agreed experimental design have been verified and accepted by the client and selected catalyst vendors.  The resulting high data quality (precision, accuracy and reproducibility) enabled the client to make better catalyst decisions for their units and refinery specific conditions and at the same time providing enough data for them to generate performance predictions models.

Steven Olivier, Director Catalysis, says: “The application knowledge of our experts, together with the flexible utilization of the Flowrence® Technology with 16-parallel individual temperature-control reactors allow us to deliver outstanding accuracy in the most cost-effective way for our customers.”

About Avantium Refinery Catalyst Testing

Avantium is an independent R&D company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Avantium Catalysis helps customers to accelerate their catalyst R&D – offering innovative systems and services to unveil deeper insights into catalyst properties and performance. Avantium’s proven Flowrence parallel fixed bed reactor platform generates extremely accurate and repeatable data and is optimally configured for side-by-side catalyst performance tests, allowing for a direct comparison of the catalyst performance without compromise data quality (repeatability, reproducibility and scalability) with low amounts of feed (less waste generated). Avantium’s Refinery Catalyst Testing program offers refineries the possibility to independently evaluate catalysts options from multiple vendors. Our 16 parallel reactors units enable the side-by-side testing of up to 16 catalysts under the same exact conditions using the refinery provided feedstock. The cost-effective testing programs are purposely designed to provide relevant test results to support the catalyst selection for Hydrocracking, Hydrotreating, Catalytic Reforming & Isomerization processes.  We are committed to provide our customers meaningful results to improve decision-making and ultimately increase their competitiveness & profitability.

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