From June 26 to July 5, the exhibition “Energy for Life – Austrian Innovation and Creativity for a Better World” will take place in the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. This exhibition is part of the EXPO 2015 which already started May 1, 2015.

In this exhibition Avantium’s 100% biobased plastic PEF is shown by ALPLA. The exhibition portrays key examples of the Austrian technological and design landscape. ALPLA – from Austria – is invited to participate in the exhibition with its bottles made from PEF. In 2013 ALPLA joined The Coca-Cola Company and Danone in a development collaboration with Avantium to bring its experience in plastics processing to the fore for the continued development of PEF. The different PEF bottles made by ALPLA and Avantium can be seen in the EXPO until July 5, 2015.

When it comes to innovation and creativity, PEF plastic made from renewable materials is a perfect example. PEF is a novel 100% biobased polyester with enhanced barrier, thermal and mechanical properties over existing packaging materials. These properties enable new packaging innovations to make lighter, thinner, smaller and stronger bottles, to extend product shelf life and to provide supply chain benefits. Combined with the significant reduction in carbon footprint (50-70%), PEF fulfils key criteria to become the next generation biobased plastic for bottles, film and fibers.

Today Avantium is supplying its technology development partners with PEF manufactured from material produced at its pilot plant in Geleen, The Netherlands. Avantium is planning its first commercial scale plant, which is projected to be operational in a few years to enable the full commercial launch of the first PEF bottles to consumers.

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