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ALPLA presents bottles made from the latest generation of PEF for PET Passion Week.

Hard, 20 October 2015 – Taking place on 9-12 November 2015, PET Passion Week in Nuremberg is in the international meeting place for the packaging industry. ALPLA will be on hand as a leading global specialist in packaging solutions and will present plastic bottles made from the bio-based plastic PEF at the PETarena special exhibition.

“Based on various discussions with customers and enquiries from industry experts in recent months, it is clear that bio-based plastics are currently one of, if not the, most important issues for the future of the packaging industry,” says ALPLA CEO Günther Lehner. “Consequently, we are basing our participation in PET Passion Week around our experience with PEF.”

ALPLA is presenting bottle models from the latest PEF generation in the PETarena and is inviting industry experts as well as customers and suppliers to personal consultations regarding the features and processing of the innovative material. ALPLA exhibits and representatives are located in the PETarena at the Packaging Wall.

PEF: Next-generation plastic

“Sustainability and the use of materials based on renewable resources are some of the cornerstones of the next generation for ALPLA as a specialist in packaging solutions,” ALPLA CEO Günther Lehner emphasises. The company has been involved in the Avantium development platform for the bio-based plastic PEF alongside with Coca-Cola and Danone. As a technology leader, ALPLA brings its decades of experience in the processing of plastics to the fore for the continued development of PEF.

Impressive features

PEF (polyethylene furanoate) is produced entirely from plant-based materials. The YXY process technology for the production of the material was created by the Dutch company Avantium. Research has shown that PEF bottles are superior to other plastic bottles in many respects. The plastic has excellent properties, so the gas barrier for oxygen is ten times higher than that of PET, for example. The entirely bio-based and fully recyclable polymer is the packaging material of the future, particularly for foods and drinks.

More information: http://www.alpla.com/, https://avantium.com/


ALPLA is one of the leading companies in the area of packaging solutions and is renowned throughout the world for producing plastic packaging of the highest quality. Around 16,000 employees at 154 locations across 40 countries produce high-quality packaging for brands in the food, drinks, cosmetics and cleaning industries. ALPLA is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2015.

Fact box

Information about PET Passion Week (PETnology & PETarena)

PET Passion Week is taking place in Nuremberg on 9-12 November 2015. It combines the PETnology conference with the PETarena special exhibition to create an international network platform for PET packaging solutions. At PETnology, industry experts and companies exchange information on current and future challenges facing the packaging industry in the form of presentations and workshops. At the PETarena special exhibition which runs in parallel to the international drinks exhibition BrauBeviale, companies present their range of products and services throughout the entire PET value chain.

ALPLA will present bottle models from the latest PEF generation at the Packaging Wall in the PETarena. The company’s representatives are looking forward to meeting interested parties and sharing information.

On 9 November 2015, at 2.45 p.m., Nathan Kemeling, Director of Business Development YXY at Avantium, will hold an interactive session on the subject of PEF: Opportunities for a novel 100% bio-based polyester“. (Seoul room, NCC Ost)

  • PETnology conference: 9-10 November 2015
  • PETarena: 10-12 November 2015
  • Location: Nuremberg Convention Center East (NCC Ost)
  • Germany www.petpassionweek.com

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