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Together with 11 partners in the H2020 SPIRE consortium PERFORM, Avantium will demonstrate that multi-step chemical conversions can be avoided. Instead, a single electrochemical cell can be used to produce chemicals in a sustainable way. The development and innovation in the PERFORM program will target two global trends that are drivers of a major transition within the European chemical industry: electrification and a shift towards bio-based feedstocks.

The technologies to be developed are directed towards highly efficient and integrated electrochemical systems which substantially improve oxidative chemical transformations based on bio-based feedstocks. PERFORM provides solutions for the need for electrification of the chemical industry and will establish an open access flexible PowerPlatform pilot plant to be used also after the end of the project, allowing for continuing innovations and impact.


The overall objectives of PERFORM are:

  • Development and construction of a highly versatile and modular TRL6 electrochemical PowerPlatform for the valorisation of biomass that will overcome current challenges in electrochemistry;
  • Demonstration of the improved flexibility by showcasing two processes based on different feedstocks at variable throughputs and electricity input without major losses in the overall process performance;

The impact of the PERFORM project is expected to be significant due to its multi-level approach that includes a combined integration between electrification, reduction of process complexity, avoiding the use of co-reactants through system integration, innovation in processes and bio-based use of feedstocks, as well as the development of a flexible PowerPlatform pilot plant.


Grant Agreement No. 820723


Bart van den Bosch

Bart van den Bosch

Avantium lead

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