Life Cycle Assessment shows: Avantium’s plantMEG™ cuts carbon footprint by up to 83% over fossil-based MEG

Feb 22, 2022 | 2022, Press releases | 0 comments

AMSTERDAM, 22 February 2022, 18:00 hrs CEST – Avantium N.V, a leading technology company in renewable chemistry, recently conducted a third party and critically reviewed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study on the environmental impacts of its plantMEG™ (mono-ethylene glycol), from its Ray Technology™. The LCA shows a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction of up to 83% over the life cycle when Avantium’s plantMEG™ is compared with its fossil-based incumbents.
MEG is a blockbuster commodity intermediate, used for plastic bottles and packaging, polyester textiles for clothing and furniture, and antifreeze applications. Today, more than 99% of MEG is produced from fossil feedstock, such as naphtha, shale gas, natural gas and coal. Avantium’s plantMEG™ is a fully recyclable, plant-based and competitive product while being identical to fossil-based MEG in quality and performance.

 English press release in PDF

Nederlands persbericht in PDF

PlantMEG Life Cycle Assessment Documentation Package

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